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Who is Espero Computers?

Some info on the history of Espero Computers and the owner, Ben Keyser

Back in 2004 I resigned from Co-Operative Computing, who played a big part in my development into the IT industry and started working for an new IT company (name deliberately withheld). Being a newly qualified Master Certified Novell Engineer (MCNE), this company was keen to scoop me up (there were not many Master CNE's available). During the interview I was asked where I see myself - in the client's face or in the server room. Being a bit of a loner, my answer was clear - in the server room. All looked very good. I took the job and started. The morning I started there was a sales meeting. I stayed seated. I mean, "sales meeting"! I am an engineer, in the server room! And that was my first encounter with what I came to hate in the IT industry - sales, at any cost! New operating system? Sell it. Does the customer need it? Who cares. Sell it! Server warranty expired? Sell a new one! Oh so you can still extend the current onsite warranty? No you're crazy! SELL A NEW SERVER! Did the network suffer a minor glitch? Sell a switch. And new management software!

Yes I agree, I am also in business for money. But not at all and any cost. This attitude is what gave life to Espero Computers' slogan - "if you succeed, we succeed!". If I suck a client dry for the benefit of my own pocket, he will eventually over-extend himself and fail, or decide I am a crook and find a different support company. Either way I lose! If I take care of him, being careful with his financial situation, we can BOTH grow together. But whether or not to push a sale still is a fine balancing act.

About myself:

Introverted - something that does have an adverse effect on my business.

I am a qualified Master Novell Engineer which means I have demonstrated my skills not only in the Netware OS, but also advanced knowledge and understanding of networking concepts in general. I also hold a Comptia certificate in IT Project Management.

I am Microsoft Certified Professional.

Early riser - I don't sleep much. 4 to 6 hours. You can easily find me working anytime from 3 in the morning!

I love reading and I have a keen interest in astronomy and astrophysics and theoretical physics. I have read several of Stephen Hawking's books.

I have read ALL of Dan Brown's books including the lesser known ones like Illuminati, Deception Point and Digital Fortress, Inferno and the latest Origins.

I love Classical music. Mozart, Bizet, Chopin, the whole Strauss family and Karl Orff are some favourites.

Yes, and no to forget, I have a Jackie and 2 Dobermans. The Jackie is getting old but the dobies are the most amazing dogs I have ever dealt with. First time ever I trained a dog, and I am so proud of what I achieved with my male. He is a absolute gentle giant of 45kilos.

I consider myself a family-man with a beautiful wife (Elmien) and daughter; which is where I spend most of my free time. My wife will also quickly tell you that I am an excellent cook. Elmien owns and runs "The Office Chair Repairers"  and repair office chairs - broken mechanisms, sinking gas, broken wheels etc. She can, as a matter of fact, build you a completely custom office chair.

Facebook: The Office Chair Repairers.

As a hobby I do the wicker work (pressed rattan, hand-woven rattan, cane, riempies etc) because working with my hands somewhere other than on the keyboard is a great form of stress-relieve. I decided 2 months ago to start building this into a business "Rattan and Riempie" and so far is it doing very well. See https://rattanandriempie.co.za and https://facebook.com/rattanandriempie. The website was done in Wordpress. 

I recently enrolled for and completed  a SEO course (Search Engine Optimization) which will come in handy with my plan to offer webdesign together with all the other services available at Espero Computers.

So, that is me, and how Espero Computers came to be. You can find Espero Computers on Facebook too.


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