Get your package for free

I will pay R50 for every successful referral of the webhosting package (R480/year), once the package is paid. I will pay R150 for every successful referral of the webhosting+design package (R1550). Successful means when the invoice is paid in full. You can easily get your hosting or webdesign package for free, or very cheap in this way.

Conditions: Like (important) my facebook page. Confirm with whoever you refered to me if the took up the deal, then inbox/email me his name. I will confirm if it was indeed paid, and if so, be in touch with you to pay you out. That's a promise. A very public promise! 

You do not have to sign up yourself - I will still pay you for your referrals.

For more info, or to confirm if this offer is true, or to advise me of your referals use the contact form **here** or scan the link below with the messenger app:

messenger code 183715634987