Why is it better to buy your own domain name?

  1. Well, you bought it. It is yours
  2. Free websites are generally full of banners and popups
  3. Your email address is part of your brand.  You are not marketing another companies name int he process. 
  4. Your website address is https://yourdomain.co.za, and not a subdomain enforcing another brand (yourdomain.freeweb.com)
  5. Free webhosts come and go, but your domain is not going anywhere. If your hosts goes down the drain, you move your domain, website and email addresses to another host.
  6. Using an email address from your ISP means when changing ISP, your email will also change (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). If you own your domain, you move the domain to wherever you need to and the email address remains the same.
  7. Free web hosts provide limited tools for web design. Your domain host will provide you much more flexibility. Cpanel hosting is very popular and allows you to install Joomla, Wordpress, Openchart and many, many more.
  8. Generally support is more readily available.
  9. Google will have a much greater affinity for your website when you own the domain, than for a free website riddled with pop-ups, banners and ads
  10. Your domain name, website and email addresses become part of your brand-buidling exercise.

Your own domain - it just makes sense! So, take action,get your domain, click the button!